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Many times we are asked about certain types of scales and do you have any used types available for sale? Sometimes we do, but often times it can be really difficult to find good quality used scales that someone is actually willing to sell. Below we will list some of the varieties of scales that we have and some that we have been asked about over the years.

First we'll start with the used doctors scales question which we get every now and then. In general we don't have any used medical scales for a couple of reasons. First, we don't get too many of those to begin with and secondly it can be unsafe to have certain types of used medical equipment. So that is basically an area we try to stay away from. That would include used wheelchair scales and scales for home use too. We do have various name brand versions available that are brand new and come with the factory warranty. You could also throw in used veterinary scales into this section too and we usually don't have any pre-owned versions of those in stock either and with the price of those at current levels, they have unfortunately fell into what we call the throwaway market. What that means is you buy one and you use it and when it breaks you throw it away and buy another one. We say that because if a scale breaks after the warranty period then it has be evaluated and repaired. If a scale only cost a couple of hundred dollars, then you can't afford to have several hours of labor charges and new parts charged to repair that scale.

Next we'll look at sports related equipment. Each year we do get asked about used wrestling scales, usually by high school athletic directors who are looking to find scales for their wrestling team. Normally we don't have any used variety but we do have quite a few brand new models that are pretty affordable. This paragraph also includes race car scales like Intercomp and Rebco. We could even mention go kart scales too. We usually do not have these in our used stock but we do have a nice selection of new models available for weighing cars that will be racing at a race track.

We do have used warehouse scales available. You will want to check our floor scales page for those. As for brands that sometimes varies since our stock does change over time. We have had used weigh tronix scales but honestly we don't get too many of those in.

When it comes to used truck scales it can be difficult to find the right product. There are some available if you search long enough but often there might be a catch. Many truck scales need to be set on a foundation and that means you may have to pay money to have concrete poured or if you are trying to replace an existing scale, then you will need to find a used vehicle scale that will fit your existing location. The other factor that comes into play with used portable truck scales is the lifespan of the product. Sure there are cases where a company goes out of business or some other scenario where you are able to find a used scale for weighing trucks that is actually not very beat up at all. But a lot of times you end up finding a deck that has had years of heavy vehicles going across it over and over. Plus years of weather related issues can take its toll too. So when it comes to drive on scales you can certainly get a good deal but sometimes it might make sense to buy the new model with a warranty.

Of course we've mentioned a lot of the items that we don't usually have in stock but we actually do have some used scales in stock. Things like used produce scales and counting scales. When we say produce scales we are refering to the digital variety that can calculate price per pound and are listed as legal for trade. Normally we don't get any hanging produce scales on this site but if you're interested in those, we do have them in brand new versions. We also have some used floor scales in stock from time to time and we also have other related equipment available. Check our site often to see what is currently available.

Before we wrap up this summary we did want to mention used livestock scales. Believe it or not we do get asked for cattle scales every so often and we really don't have any used animal scales in stock. There are some instances where you could use one of our used floor scales but generally when it comes to single animal livestock scales you normally would use something like a 3' x 8' or 4' x 8' platform scale which we usually do not stock in the used category. We also have portable weigh beams which work pretty well for weighing anything from hogs and goats to larger animals too but once again those are generally only available as a new scale.

Thanks for visiting our site. Our goal is to provide you with some really good buying information for purchasing used scales which will save you money and be very reliable. Hopefully this site will help you to make the correct buying decision. You can still search and find a rare used balance or shipping scale or see the website that promotes used farmers market scales for sale and used hanging scales for sale but generally it's tough to find many places that are offering those products on a regular basis.


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